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About us


G & I Shining Stars Youth Society is a non-profit organization that provides outreach to children, youth, and families in Vancouver’s inner city.




We provide:

  • Shining Stars after-school tutoring for elementary to high school students

    on a weekly basis.


  • Operate Shining Stars Camp Can-Do summer classes, day camps and overnight camps.


  • Operate "Feed the Hungry" for the homeless on a bi-monthly basis


  • Provide training workshops and retreats for youth.


  • Run community events to encourage kids to participate in social outreach.


 Check out our Blog/Events section for fundraising activities to help raise funds for our programs. Money raised from the events will help  send a child to camp, assist in the support of a youth attending the Shining Stars Camp Can-Do Summer Program or the Shining Stars  After-School program that improves literacy, leadership, and life skills throughout the academic year. We also provide safe reliable  transportation, books, nutritious meals, education materials, and bursaries for youth who are continuing post-secondary education.

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